About Us

Prism Open Source offers (web)mail solutions to business clients. With Prism Open Source you can offer your clients or employees a (web)mail solution for a fraction of the costs of our competitors. We can either remotely install the most used Open Source webmail application on your company's server from our headquarters in the Netherlands or we can host the application for you on one of our servers as an Application Service Provider (ASP).


Small and medium companies need professional, stable and fast software solutions. With Open Source they can get the same professional software as they would be getting if they bought an expensive commercial solution. The problem only is, there are no companies to offer any support or continuation certainty.


There are numerous Open Source software projects that are as good or even better than commercial equivalents, but without a company to back them up. That's were Prism Open Source comes in. We fill the gap between the Open Source community and the businesses; we offer support, update contracts and more.

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