Prism Open Source was founded in 2001 by T.J.R. Woudenberg and W. Delken in Rotterdam, nowadays we're based on one of the canals in the beautiful historic city center of Delft, the Netherlands.


As client of Prism Open Source, you are bound by two important documents. The first is the software license agreement. This document states your rights and duties as user of the software. Not to worry, you can freely distribute and modify the software, because of its Open Source character. The other document is the General Conditions document, which regards your position as a client of Prism Open Source. Both documents can be asked for at Prism Open Source.


Prism Open Source was established in Rotterdam. The chamber of commerce number is Our number with the Dutch tax authority is NL 1551 32 611. Our paypal account is at paypal -at- [our domain name]. Please contact us if you need more information.

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