Prism Open Source

Welcome to our site, please give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves: We are a small dynamic company located in the Netherlands, founded in 2001 and expert on everything open source related, hence the name Prism Open Source. The Prism refers to the prism in optics, we try to be just as sharp and colorful. On the "About Us" page you can find more information about us, our vision and references. You could also choose to contact us immediately though the "Contact" page. If you fill in your details and possible questions we will get back to you as fast as possible. Our core business consists of the following 3 activities:


We can help your company set up an Open Source application. With the help of Open Source software like Squirrelmail for example you'll have your own webmail application almost instantly.

Prism Open Source gives you advice about the implementation of all your Open Source software. We could, for example, advice you about email needs; spam filters, virus scanning, webmail front end and internal mail servers. We are happy to think along with you about the most suitable solution.


We can change everything on the standard Open Source application; do some branding, add your company's house style and/or logo, write custom plugins for all your company needs, everything is possible here! You either outsource the hosting to us or run the application on one of your own servers.


Wouldn't you agree an email address like looks a lot more professional then We can arrange that by either forwarding email to your existing account or making a new account altogether.

We can register your preferred domain name. If you are not sure about which one or if your preferred domain name is already taken, we are happy to think along and come up with clever alternatives.

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