As you probably already read on our welcome page we offer 3 different kinds of services, please see the links on the left for more info about each one.


In this case we will install the webmail application and all the needed dependent services (mail, imap service), plugins and possible other customizations directly from our office through the internet on one of your own servers, hosted at your office or in a data center. We mostly use SSH, but remote desktop connections or basic ftp installs are possible as well in most cases. We always notice customers when updates are available, you can even get a service contract so you'll be running the latest version for a fixed fee.

Application Service Provider

We also act as an Application Service Provider or ASP, we can give you space on one of our own servers or install a server dedicated to your company only. The advantage is enormous because we take care of your machine for you and we will keep all the software up to date as well, so you will always work with the latest version and be as secure as possible.

All our servers are located in and around Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the Telecity data centers. All our equipment is implemented redundantly so if something breaks there will always be a switch, router or internet uplink that can take over while the broken equipment is fixed. Our servers are all closely monitored 24/7 so if a specific service or server goes down we can get in action instantly.

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